NEW IT sales program

Date: Thu May 13 1999 - 06:26:16 PDT

Date: Thu, 13 May 1999 06:26:16
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Subject: NEW IT sales program


I got your name from an IT sales directory and would like to introduce
you to our IT Sales Boot Camp. This is a sales training program that
was especially created for you to win BIG major account IT business.

Why should I come?

Through 50 combined years of sales research and application with our
Fortune 500 clients like ORACLE, SUN MICROSYSTEMS, NEC WANG etc. we
have extracted all of the effective techniques and methods you will need
to obtain large accounts in the global market place consistently for a
fraction of their investment.

How does it work?
IT Sales Boot Camp is a two-day program designed for information
Technology sales professionals to win business. The program presents proven competitive sales methodology
based on political acumen, consultative sales approaches and partnering skills. The Boot Camp enables IT
salespeople to have a clear major account strategy, teaching them new tactical approaches to engage and defeat
the competition, while focusing on customer needs. Learn the inside story, firsthand, on how the process
really works.

For recorded information about pricing, location and dates please phone us TOLL-FREE at 1-877-77SALES
(1-877-777-2537) Inquire about group discounts.

Thank you in advance,

Dr. Frank Stone
Executive Vice President

PS: If you are not in a position of Sales Management please forward this
letter to those that are they will love you for it!

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