Malesiana Tropicals Batch Order

Date: Sun May 09 1999 - 19:17:06 PDT

Date: Sun, 9 May 1999 22:17:06 EDT
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Subject: Malesiana Tropicals Batch Order

Dear list:

For those of you not in the USA, please exercise your delete finger now......

The current batch order being placed for Malesiana Tropicals is being
submitted May 22nd and the plants will be distributed within the USA early in

Have you ever wanted to order plants from over seas but the high shipping
costs & money order fees made the prospect seem impossible? Now you can
place orders for Malesiana Tropicals directly through DANGEROUS PLANTS. You
pay us the same price that's listed on their page, plus $5 per plant to
distribute the shipping costs. The usual minimum order of $20 applies and
you don't have to obtain import permits or international money orders. Check
out their link on our home page and make sure to note the availability dates.
One of my personal favorites is the red giant ampullaria! Please direct all
questions to DANGEROUS PLANTS ( and NOT Malesiana Tropicals.

The sale page is updated. There are specials on vft's, nepenthes,
pinguicula and cephalotus. If you are a beginner, don't hesitate to ask
questions on what will do best for you.

Take care & keep on growing,

Thomas Hayes

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