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From: Edward Read (
Date: Sun May 09 1999 - 17:49:09 PDT

Date: Sun, 9 May 1999 17:49:09 -0700
From: "Edward Read" <>
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Subject: Re: Blumea/ Jebb and Cheek


>Does anyone know where to obtain a copy of the Blumea, Nepenthes
>revision by Jebb and Cheek? I would like to have a copy for reference.

I purchased it from:

Dr. Pamela Burns-Balogh Balogh Scientific Books, 1911 N. Duncan Rd. , Champaign, Illinois 61821
USA fax: +1 217 355 9413; phone: +1 217 355 9331

She's super. She helped me find other cp books including Taylors work on
Utrics and even a great pinguicula contact.

Take Care and Have Fun!
Edward Read

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