Date: Sun May 09 1999 - 23:43:25 PDT

Date:          Sun, 9 May 1999 23:43:25 
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Subject:       statistics

Dear Fernando,

> this on the listserv, here it goes again: U.RENIFORMIS IS NOT
> EPIPHYTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> It has been recorded growing among the dead leaf axils of bromeliads, but
> 99.999999% of the times it grows as a TERRESTRIAL in the wild!!!!

So you have seen (or heard of, from reliable sources) at least 1 E 8
terrestrial specimens of a single species of _Utricularia_ (if there
was only one epiphytic specimen, the existence of which you seem to
admit) in the wild. Now that is truly remarkable! I doubt even Peter
Taylor has seen (i.e. examined individually) a hundred million
specimens of the whole genus during his fifty years of research (and
it would not be possible to judge the original habit from all
conserved samples!). Quite certainly not even all _Utricularia_
specimens in all herbaria on this planet would be sufficient for such
a survey.

I must confess that I am thoroughly impressed. Well done! Once again
a really strong argument for proper field work. Have you contacted
the Guinness (book of records, not the beer) people already?

Kind regards

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