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Date: Fri May 07 1999 - 06:56:33 PDT

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Steve Alton asked:

>And how can I get rid of them? I assume they can't swim and so,
>because the pots stand in water for much of the year, each pot
>must have its own isolated colony. Do I a) wait until, Tepui-like,
>each pot evolves a new exciting species of woodlouse, b) wait until
>they die out from the genetic results of inbreeding, or c) poison the
>buggers? If c), what with?

Although option A sounds most interesting, I'd suggest just submerging pots
totally in water. The wood lice will climb up the stems of the plants,
where you can pick them off. Leave the plants soak for an hour or more, and
you'll get the bulk. Feed to your plants. Repeat at intervals to get
anything that comes from eggs.

Some folks feel that these critters are harmless. I disagree. They may or
may not eat roots (I think they do) but their wastes will enhance the
breakdown of your potting material (which is the real problem).

Carl Gustafson

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