RE: "Swamp Things" in May Garden Design

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Date: Wed May 05 1999 - 04:19:09 PDT

Date: Wed, 5 May 1999 07:19:09 -0400 
From: "Mellard, David" <>
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Subject: RE: "Swamp Things" in May Garden Design

>For all those who collect every CP article: The May 1999 issue of
>Garden Design has a small (5 page) article on Sarracenia and Mr.
>Morgan Smith of Wetumpka, Alabama, USA.

Hi Joby,

I read the article a couple of weeks ago and your post reminded me of a
question I had at the time. The article mentions Mr. Smith's favorite
Sarracenia hybrid, which I had never heard of. I'm trying to remember the
name but it escapes me. I was expecting Dixie Lace and was surprised when
it wasn't. Do you remember? I'm wondering if some of the old timers <gr>
on the list might have heard of it and if it's still available.


P.S. I used to be good at remembering things; then my hair turned white.

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