Re: A1A in the Pan Handle (Dionaea growing on the beach?)

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Date: Mon May 03 1999 - 04:58:51 PDT

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Subject: Re: A1A in the Pan Handle  (Dionaea growing on the beach?)

I don't think this message is complete :-)
I think its from someone in the Tampa Bay area. As it was mentioned in this
months newsletter that someone from the Atlantic Beach NC area paid a visit
to the TBCPC's booth and said that Dionaea was found growing very close to
the ocean.
I remember back in the mid 70's these rumor's abounded about Dionaea growing
on the Outer Banks (Ocracoke Island) NC.
Don Schnell and a couple of friends searched along many area's but at that
time never found any cp growing near the dune line. I have found Dionaea
within 1 mile or so from the coast, but never on it. Its still possible I
guess. Though I have doubts, more likely it could survive in area's that
could be flooded with brackish water on rare occasions. But in a salt
Well its Monday,
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> On the south is the Gulf, then a row of hotels, then the road A1A,
> then McDonald's, then 10 acres of Sarracenia leuco rubra hybrid. There
> an article in the Tampa Tribune two weeks ago about this north Florida
> Even though this is second hand information it came from a young
> lady, who says she was born in North Carolina, when she came by our both
> the University of South Florida Spring Plant Sale. She said, "I have seen
> Venus Fly Traps growing wild in the gullies between the sand dunes next to
> the Atlantic beach, in North Carolina." She was to cute to dispute so I
> didn't argue with her.
> Salt, my initial experiments tend to agree with these two statements.

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