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Date: Sun May 02 1999 - 04:50:42 PDT

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>Hey folks, another travel question.
>What are all the species of carnivorous plants endemic to Ireland. I know
>of two drosera. I'd like to make a complete list for my friend who
>volunteers at our native plant nursery, she is from Ireland and curious.
>Post to the list or e-mail me directly.
>Joseph Kinyon

To my knowledge there are no (carnivorous) plants _endemic_ to Ireland,
however several species are to be found in the peat bogs (those remaining
after peat cutting, anyway).

Some (controversial) attempts were made to introduce Sarracenia purpurea
ssp. purpurea (I believe this is the correct ssp), presumably these plants
still survive.

_Pinguicula vulgaris_ and _P. grandiflora_ should both be in evidence, in
addition to _Drosera rotundifolia_ and _D. intermedia_.



Toby Marsden
Herefordshire, UK

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