Black Drosera Stipules ??

From: Sundew Sundew (
Date: Fri Apr 30 1999 - 08:33:02 PDT

Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 08:33:02 PDT
From: "Sundew Sundew" <>
Message-Id: <aabcdefg1494$foo@default>
Subject: Black Drosera Stipules ??

Hi there, folks.

I recently noticed the tips (and sometimes more) of the stipules at the
center of some of my Drosera have turned black. This also sometimes
happens to the hairs on the bottom of some species leaves. While it
doesnt seem to be effecting growth, I would very much like to know what
is causing this. I am 99.9% sure that my plants are insect pest free
(as I grew them all from well-cleaned leaf cuttings and primarily seed)
but I am wondering if this black stuff could be due to some kind of mold
/ fungus or even possibly a mineral build-up. Could this be the sooty
mold or botrytis I've heard a little about? A friend who I got some of
my original leaf cuttings from has noticed this in his plants as well.

These plants are growing in mixes containing perlite but watered with
distilled water only and are in a terrarium with less than 1 cm of water
on the bottom at all times (sometimes allowed to dry out). Algae growth
is present and, over time, the smell of the terrarium has changed, moist
likely due to this algae and the partial breakdown of the potting
medium. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, please email me
privately. I'm very eager to figure out a solution to this problem.
Thanks in advance, I hope not to have to ask this question again :)


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