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Date: Thu Apr 29 1999 - 15:23:39 PDT

Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1999 18:23:39 -0400
From: "Dom Cassone" <>
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Subject: Newbie questions

        My name is Dom Cassone and I have been following this list for about 6
months now. I started a small terrarium last spring with a variety of
plants 4 or 5 VFT's, a couple of Drosera, a couple of Pinguicula, a couple
of Sarracenia and a Darlingtonia. Well I guess that I bit off more than I
thought. The terrarium got a bad case of fungus and killed all but one VFT
and one Sarracenia (it is possible that a Drosera lived). In any event, I
want to add a couple of more plants this year and see if I can keep them
alive. Now to my questions.
        I got the plants from Peter Pauls Nursery. Does anyone else have any
experience with them as to price or quality or whatever? They were the only
ones that I could find at the time. I was thinking of adding couple of
additional VFT's and one or two Drosera and maybe a Darlingtonia or another
Sarracenia. Any other suggestions for plants or sources would be welcome.
        What is the optimum humidity level for CP's of this nature? I think that I
kept the humidity too high and that led to the formation of the fungus.
Also, if it should come back again, what is the recommended treatment? A
nursery suggested last year that I try a solution of Baking Soda, that
didn't work, so they said the next stronger thing was a solution of sulfur
powder. I think that worked, but I am now wondering if it was as much to
blame for the plant deaths as the fungus.
        Thanks in advance for any replies. Please feel free to e-mail directly if


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