Re: Vapona pest strip in terrarium.

From: Chris Teichreb (
Date: Thu Apr 29 1999 - 10:17:48 PDT

Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1999 10:17:48 -0700 (PDT)
From: Chris Teichreb <>
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Subject: Re: Vapona pest strip in terrarium.

Hi Marin,

> I just noticed that my terrarium with about a dozen VFTs and some Drosera
> has become infested with what I think are thrips or possibly springtails.

        Big difference between these two. Thrips are harmful, springtails,
in my experience, don't seem to do any noticeable damage to adult plants,
just the seedlings.

> One Drosera that withered seemed to be just crawling with the suckers. I was
> wondering if anyone has tried to place a vapona pest strip (like the
> cardboard sleeved ones found hanging from the ceiling in a Deli) in a
> terrarium or greenhouse to try and eliminate any unwanted bugs. If so, did
> it harm the plants in any way? I have used this method on my Burmese Pythons
> to get rid of mites in my herpatarrium. I noticed in a message or two that
> diazanon is safe on Sarracenias, but will it harm VFTs?

        I regularly use Diazanon on all my cp's, because of recurrent
aphid problems. I guess I shouldn't say regularly, maybe a couple times a
year. Anyways, it is hard on Drosera because of the oil (if you can get
it in powder form, this is best). My vft's seemes unharmed by this
treatment, though I can't really compare since they all get bombed.
However, they still produce traps, flowers, etc., so it seems fairly safe.
Don't breathe it in too much, it stinks like hell and is a carcinogen
(although a weak one).

> Would flooding the
> terrarium get rid of these critters? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
> Thanx to all that respond.

        I've tried the flooding technique before to get rid of aphids, and
they still came back, although in smaller numbers. The no-pest strip may
work, and be the safest, most effective route. I'd probably try that
first, then the Diazanon.

> Marin
> Martiskovich
Happy growing,


Chris Teichreb
Department of Biological Sciences
Simon Fraser University
Burnaby, B.C.

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