Re: N. bical. plants and sale

Date: Mon Apr 19 1999 - 19:05:26 PDT

Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 22:05:26 EDT
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Subject: Re: N. bical. plants and sale

<< Hello,
 Steven Stewart here,
 The Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival is started and I'm
 pleased to say we have a 7' space with the Florida Nursery Growers
 Association, for a grouping of cp (at the last minute), including a
 couple of nice _N. bicalcarata_, along with a small sampling of large
 vfts, Drosera, Sarracenia.
 We are going today so I don't know how it looks yet, but I know the
 plants are nice and worth a look if anyone is in the area and wants to
 see this and other special plants.
 The show goes for six weeks, ending on May 30. I'm sure Epcot and all
 participants will put on spectacular show.
 Take Care,
 Steven Stewart,
 I.B.W. Enterprises, Inc.
 Sanford, FL >>

Hello CP's and Nepenthephiles,

     Just for your info, while I did not make it to EPCOT, I have seen
Steve's plants and they are very nice and well grown. He has taken basals
from many different clones and kept records of the 'donor'. There are a
number of varients (some more red, some with longer fangs, etc.) as well as
the more 'traditional' orange pitchers. These plants have gone from
seedlings 1/4" across to just under flowering size (based on the size mine
have flowered at in the past) in just under 2 years, I think. He has many
divisions for sale, and if you have room for a bical they are well worth it.

Since they may flower this summer, we discussed inbreeding of these to see
what turns up. ABG had a few interesting variations show up in third
generations N. rafflesiana such as white pitchered plants, plants with
ruffled tendrils, etc. Who knows maybe you could get a bical with 4 fangs or
an all green variety?


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