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Date: Sat Apr 17 1999 - 05:30:45 PDT

Date: Sat, 17 Apr 1999 14:30:45 +0200
From: Akerne Orchids <>
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Subject: Invitation to join Orchid Guide Digest

The 'Orchid Guide Digest'.

At the end of October 1998 the 'Orchid List Digest' (OLD) run by Willis
Dair stopped distributing mails to the orchid community.
Many people used this list as a fast and easy way of communication to ask
help with the care of their orchids, to talk about discoveries made during
their travels or just, as a means of exchanging ideas.

After a couple of months the idea grew to create a successor to the OLD.
Hence, the 'Orchid Guide Digest' (OGD) was born and launched.

This list has been created to serve as a way of discussing and sharing
information and experiences with orchid growers worldwide.
Discussion topics include, but are not limited to:

- Cultivation methods
- Orchid species and hybrids
- Orchid travels
- Orchid Society events
- Conservation and propagation techniques
- any other orchid related subjects of interest to orchid growers

This list is sent out in digest format only, meaning that submissions will
automatically be collected and sent out in a bundled format.
Digests normally have a size of around 40 Kb.

To minimize the effect of spamming this list is a closed distribution list,
meaning that you have to be subscribed in order to send a message for

So, how do you subscribe to the Orchid Guide Digest ?
Send an e-mail addressed to with the following
command in the body of the message:

SUBSCRIBE orchids-digest e-mail address

substituting the text e-mail address with your real e-mail address.

e.g. SUBSCRIBE orchids-digest

After you send the "Subscribe" mail, a message asking for confirmation of
this request will be sent to the address supplied.

Please note however, that the list owner cannot be held responsible in any
way for the content of any contributions on the 'Orchid Guide Digest'.

If there are any problems concerning the 'Orchid Guide Digest' then please
feel free to contact me at
Suggestions and ideas are welcomed.

Happy orchid growing

Kenneth Bruyninckx
Orchid Guide Digest listowner
For more information visit

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