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Date: Fri Apr 16 1999 - 19:06:26 PDT

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Subject: Re: N x Mixta

>-Is anyone out there who has a N. X mixta in cultivation (I'm sure)
>and got pictures of the plant scanned ? (maybe it's possible to
>share them with me?)

>Another question: is there a source of information about those
>"Victorian hybrids" in common? (maybe on the net?)


N. Mixta is very common in cultivation, and still remains one of the most
spectacular hybrids ever made. When properly grown, the pitchers may become
very large, exceeding 12 inches in length. The peristome is large wide and a
rich ruby red in color. The pitcher is heavily spotted reddish brown. There
are many pictures of it in books on CPs, and I'm sure a trip to the library
will turn up a picture or two if there is nothing on the web. (Libraries are
buildings where many books are collected to store information back in the
olden days before the web.) Try finding Graf's "Exotica" in the reference
section. There are a number of classic Nepenthes hybrids pictured, including
N. Mixta Superba.

Several CP books include info on the Victorian hybrids, but check out back
issues of the CP Newsletter. The current issue has an article on Taplin's
hybrids made at the end of the nineteenth century! Charles Clarke's
"Nepenthes of Borneo" has a great chapter on the Nepenthes craze of the
Victorian age.

Have fun digging into Nepenthes History. It can become quite habit forming!

Until later,

Trent Meeks,
Pompano Beach, Florida

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