Re: Nepenthes Rosette Propagation

From: Richard Brown (
Date: Thu Apr 15 1999 - 19:36:31 PDT

Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999 22:36:31 -0400
From: "Richard Brown" <>
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Subject: Re: Nepenthes Rosette Propagation

Trent in Florida kindly asking some of you Nepenthes growers for a little
input on something I'm about to try.

I've got a HUGE plant of N.khasiana x alata that I'm ready to trim back. It
has a couple of vines over eight feet long that have twice hit the
greenhouse roof and then continued to grow horizontally way up over the two
by four rafters. Along these vines, at intervals of a couple of feet, the
plant has produced rosettes that are sapping the strength from the main
vines. Time to sacrifice the long vines and try to grow the rosettes into
plants. But how? I'm afraid if I chop the vine into short sections, and then
pot the rosette/vine piece, I will lose the rosette plant since it has no
root system. My idea is to: 1. cut partway through the vine very close to
the rosette on both sides. 2. dust the cuts with Rootone. 3. wrap the
rosette base and cuts in sphagnum. 4.wait for roots to develop. 5. then
chop up the vine and pot the rosettes as plants.

Anybody out there have any suggestions or have tried this technique?

Looking forward to some helpful commentary.

Trent Meeks
Pompano Beach, Florida

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