Brown spots on N. Villosa

From: BillSherren (
Date: Wed Apr 14 1999 - 11:57:02 PDT

Date: Wed, 14 Apr 1999 19:57:02 +0100
From: BillSherren <>
Message-Id: <aabcdefg1344$foo@default>
Subject: Brown spots on N. Villosa

Hi With my CP's coming back to life after a fairly mild winter, I
have noticed a few brown speckles appearing on my valuable N.
Villosa plant. It is a still tiny (only a few mm's) tissue cultured
plant, which I have had for about 8 months now.

The newest growth is a very light yellow green with microscopic
black spots dotted on the whole plant. These I am not worried about
as I have noticed them on all the tissue cultured plants I have
acquired. But these small brown patches are more worrying. At the
moment they don't really look like rot and seem to be the
surface..Any ideas?

Is there any other hints regarding this species of Nepenthes, to
give it the best start in life?



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