Re: Sarracenia Flava cv. 'Burgundy' for sale (or is it?)

Date: Wed Apr 14 1999 - 17:28:54 PDT

Date:          Wed, 14 Apr 1999 17:28:54 
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Subject:       Re: Sarracenia Flava cv. 'Burgundy' for sale (or is it?)

Dear Andrew et al.,

> I had it brought to my attention the other day that these plant may
> not in fact be true cv.'Burgundy'... It was mentioned to me that
> Marston Exotics grow all Sarracenia from seed and would call the
> seed grown plant from a true cv'Burgundy' the same name without it
> actually being a division of the real plant... :-( Whether this is
> the case with my plant or not I do not yet know (and probably will
> never find out).
> Basically, I bought the plant in good faith (and a high price) that
> it was a true cultivar and now I do not know if the divisions I have
> from the plant I bought can really be classed as cv.'Burgundy'.
> I still love the plants I have and they are still for sale but if
> anyone is interested then I have to add a disclaimer and not call
> the plants cv'Burgundy' until I can try and get some sort of facts
> from Marstons...

The cultivars named by Adrian Slack are a story in itself. None was
registered (registration did not exist in that times), and not all
were described at all (an attitude that can regrettably be observed
even in more recent literature; certain authors have, however,
promised to hand descriptions in later...). Fortunately enough, some
were published with photographs that can be taken as standards.

RE: "Burgundy", this is one of his (or rather Don Schnell's, because
these plants have originally been shown to Adrian Slack in the field
by Don Schnell) "red forms", essentially a bogus name for wild
collected plants that have recently been described formally as taxa
(varieties, not cultivars). "Burgundy" matches the description of _S.
flava var. rubricorpora_.

No notes on preferential propagation methods were made in Adrian
Slack's original publication of the name "Burgundy". Therefore, if
your plant was raised from seed of a (selfed) "Burgundy" plant and if
it shows the distinctive features of "Burgundy" (cf. the description
that is included in the cp database, which includes the online version
of the International Register of Cultivated Carnivorous Plants), then
it simply *is* "Burgundy" for all practical purposes.

We (incl. Marston Exotics and other British enthusiasts) are working
hard to complete the data for registration of Adrian Slack's names
but it probably will take some time until this will be finished.
Given your patience (or even better, your co-operation), we may
eventually come to a satisfactory solution for the broad public.

Kind regards
Jan (ICPS International Registrar)

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