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Date: Wed Apr 14 1999 - 00:11:16 PDT

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Subject: re: Nepenthes propagation

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>>> Nicholas Plummer <> 31/03/1999 2:42:21 pm >>>
Steve asked about propagating Nepenthes alata, ventricosa, mixta,

I have been 100% successful rooting cuttings of N. ventrata, N.
maxima, N. alata, and N. hybridwithmissingtag (looks like mixta)
by the following method, so it should work with the plants you have.

1. Take cutting with 3 or more leaves. 2. Stick end of cutting in
jar of distilled water and leave it lying around somewhere (the
coffee table seems to work well). Don't bother trimming leaves. 3.
Wait approximately 6 weeks or until roots are 2 inches long.
Sometimes the cutting will begin to pitcher while still in the
water. 4. Pot up cutting in favorite mix. I like a

Nick ----------------------- Nicholas Plummer

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