Allow Me To Introduce Myself

From: Jennifer Baranski (
Date: Mon Apr 12 1999 - 13:00:29 PDT

Date: 12 Apr 1999 16:00:29 -0400
From: Jennifer Baranski <>
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Subject: Allow Me To Introduce Myself


I just subscribed to this discussion group and wanted to make a
quick introduction. My name is Jen and I live in the US,
Southeastern Michigan to be more precise. I fancy myself as having
a green thumb when it comes to plants, but I don't know much about
CPs. My initial ineptitude caused me to (unknowingly, at the advice
of the garden department that sold it to me) torture a Venus Flytrap
to death by watering it with tap water and feeding it hamburger.
That was about two years ago. Last summer, at a street festival, an
exotic nursery was selling pitcher plants. In an effort to cleanse
my karma of past sins, I decided to try to try again. As far as I
can tell, my plant is of the genus Sarracenia Minor and is
indigineous to Michigan. I wasn't given much instruction on caring
for the plant -- just that it likes humidity, distilled water, and
no fertilizers. Amazingly, the plant was kept alive and propegated
new pitchers through early December. I am keeping my fingers
crossed that it has survived the dormant period I provided during
winter -- all existing pitchers dried out and I am hoping that
rhizomes will take over and produce new pitchers this season.

Thanks for your time -- I'm going back to lurking, but hope to gain
the knowledge to be able to participate in this group's discussions
down the road.

Sincerely, Jennifer Baranski FORDSTAR Help Desk Training Coordinator
(800)790-4357 \246

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