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Date: Fri Apr 09 1999 - 23:21:25 PDT

Date: Sat, 10 Apr 1999 06:21:25 GMT
From: (Suzanne Mace)
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Subject: Re: Two Wests

> Two Wests and Elliot, Unit 4, Cartwood Road, Sheepbridge,
> Chesterfield, Derbyshire S41 9RH Tel: +44 (0)1246 451077 FAX: +44
> (0)1246 260115
> Both companies will have most of what is needed by growers who are
> either beginners or experienced in greenhouse automation. But be
> warned - to start doing things like controlling humidity properly
> costs about 150 UK pounds at an absolute minimum in the UK (or about
> 25 Cents in the USA where you can get anything from a choice of
> catalogues, but we can't get the USA based catalogues in the UK!!!).
> Both companies above send out catalogues on request. Neither yet
> has a Web site or email.

I can verify that the Two Wests catalog is well worth getting, they
have a very good range of equipment for plant growers of all types
from heating, watering, lighting, automatic control to benches for
greenhouses. We have been trying to persuade them to go on the web
for two or three years now, but like many small companies they don't
realise the potential. If you ask for their catalog you are welcome
to give them a prod!

Suzanne Mace
The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall

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