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Dear Jan,

Thanks for your comments and suggestions on these plants.

> #4: How far from G.Kinabalu was this plant collected? At which
> altitude? It looks like a hybrid (I will tell you the parents if you
> tell me where the plant is from...).

This plant was photographed on a relatively unexplored limestone
mountain in the Mulu area in Northern Sarawak. Other species growing in
the immediate vicinity included: N. veitchii, N. faizaliana, N.
tentaculata, and N. reinwardtiana. I have had suggestions from several
people that this plant appears to have parentage with N. burbidgeae, but
(aside from the large distance from Kinabalu) that species (as well as
N. fusca) almost invariably has a glandular crest on the lid. Also, the
plant in question had much smaller upper pitchers (~6 cm long) than
either N. burbidgeae or N. fusca. There is a specimen of this plant in
the Sarawak Herbarium that was collected in the same area and apparently
caused some confusion as to its identification - I believe it was S.
Kurata who eventually wrote "N. fusca var. nov." on the sheet.
> #5: How long is the spur? The pitcher alone is not very distinctive.
> Do you have a picture showing upper and lower pitchers?

Spur lengths varied from about 4-5 cm long in most of the pitchers we
observed. I will scan in a photo of the upper pitcher and include it on
the page in a few days.

> #3: _N. mira_ (or, if you like _N. cf. deaniana_).

I understand that this was recently published in the Kew Bulletin by
Jebb & Cheek. Have the authors made any suggestions about the relations
of this plant to the original N. deaniana?
> #2: _N. cf. veitchii_.

This is of course the same plant as that described in Pitcherplants of
Borneo, Nepenthes of Borneo, and recently discussed in CPN by B. Salmon.

> #1: _N. cf. alata_.

> Kind regards
> Jan

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