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From: Semanchuk, Phil J (
Date: Thu Apr 08 1999 - 07:03:12 PDT

Date: Thu, 8 Apr 1999 10:03:12 -0400
From: "Semanchuk, Phil J" <>
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Subject: RE: CP Flowers

I love Sarracenia flowers. They look great although S. flava can produce
what is kindly called a "feline" odor. My S. flava had eleven flower spikes
on it; it has lost two to insect damage but the other nine are still going
strong and I can't wait for them to open. Obviously I wouldn't even think of
cutting them off. Take a look at this picture of an S. purpurea flower --
how could you cut something like this?

Your plants will do fine if you leave the flowers on.

Good growing,
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