Drosera trade

From: Madeleine Groves (m.groves@mindspring.com)
Date: Wed Apr 07 1999 - 06:50:37 PDT

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From: Madeleine Groves <m.groves@mindspring.com>
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Subject: Drosera trade 

Dear All

Two recent(ish) mentions of the trade in Drosera spp. :

1. Drosera rotundifolia is mentioned as one of the fifteen species
of concern in TRAFFIC (Trade Record Analysis of Fauna and Flora in
Trade) International's publication 'Europe's Medicinal and Aromatic
Plants - their use, trade and conservation'. It doesn't give
precise details on where to get the report from, but try one of the
following: *WWF-UK, Panda House, Weyside Park, Godalming, Surrey,
GU7 1XR Tel: 01483 426444 Fax:01483 426409 Web:www.wwf.uk.org
*TRAFFIC International, 219c Huntingdon Road, Cambridge, CB3 0DL, UK
Tel: (44) 1223 277427 \240 Fax: (44) 1223 277237 E-mail:
traffic@trafficint.org *TRAFFIC North America -- Regional Office,
1250 24th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20037, USA Tel: (1) 202 293
4800 \240 Fax: (1) 202 775 8287 E-mail: tna@wwfus.org

2. Medicinal Plant Symposium (22-23 June 1998, RBG Kew, UK) - a
short article on this symposium in the IUCN Medicinal PLant
Specialist Group's (MPSG) newsletter (Vol. 5, March 1999) mentions
that Drosera spp. were the subject of specific talks. This
symposium was organised by TRAFFIC Europe, IUCN/SSC MPSG, WWF and
the Conventions and Policy Section at Kew Gardens. Again, try
TRAFFIC International or RBG Kew, UK for details on this symposium.

Cheers, Mad

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