Re: fungus -vs- Sarra seeds

From: Fabio d'Alessi (
Date: Mon Apr 05 1999 - 16:26:14 PDT

Date: Tue, 06 Apr 1999 01:26:14 +0200
From: "Fabio d'Alessi" <>
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Subject: Re: fungus -vs- Sarra seeds

>Would a little bit of dish soap help, too?
>The soap would work as a surfactant and help to
>kill more fungus, but would it harm the seeds by
>smothering them- rot? Would it harm the seedlings
>by causing problems for their tender young roots?

Chad, if you are looking for a harmless surfactant use
Tween-20 or Tween-80, a plant-micropropagation tested
surfactant which is sold by biochemical and labware


Fabio d'Alessi <>
Department of Biology, University of Padua,

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