carnivorous chips - what's next?

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Date: Wed Mar 31 1999 - 09:48:08 PST

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Subject: carnivorous chips - what's next?

Just found this press release on the Net and thought it might
be of interest. Genetic modification gone mad!

        Happy growing,


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> AP1/118/S 02:13Z 03/30/99
> Monsanto's new weapon against crop pests
> The controversial Biogenetics company Monsanto, announced a new
> avenue of research yesterday, in response to growing criticism
> of its genetically modified, pesticide-resistant crops.
> The breakthrough came when Monsanto scientists successfully
> introduced selected gene sequences from Drosera rotundifolia,
> an insectivorous species of sundew, into potato tubers. The
> resulting plants produce similar trapping tentacles to Drosera
> rotundifolia on their leaf, stem and tuber surfaces, and are
> capable of not only resisting insect damage without the
> application of pesticides, but digesting the captured prey to
> provide nutrients for the plants.
> Monsanto believe that as well as reducing the need for chemical
> pesticides, fertilizer savings of up to 20% may be achievable in
> the field. They also foresee the virtual elimination of insect
> damage and the associated spread of potato bacterial ring rot and
> PSTV viruses that cause an estimated $4 billion damage worldwide
> per annum.
> Work is continuing on introducing the same genes to other crops
> including tomatoes, maize and soya.
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