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Subject: RE: Red marks on Nepenthes leaves

I am out of the office until Monday 12 April 1999. Please contact
Kate Dixon on 02 6274 2746 for matters requiring attention in this
time frame.

Regards Ross Rowe

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I know that some Neps do react to cool weather by producing spots
like you described. But if it is cool enough to produce spots its
usually not too far from the temps necessary to cause curling and
browning of the newest tender growth. If you have your plants
outside in St. Pete, you could easily get temps low enough for the

Tom in Fl.

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     I have recently obtained a few Nepenthes with red blotches on
alot of the leaves. I was told this was due to cold damage. Until
this time I have thought these red spots to be the result of a
fungus (rust) which other than being unslightly wasn't a threat to
the plant. I had never heard of the markings due to cold temps. I
sometimes get these dark red spots on plant leaves that have not
been exposed to cool conditions. While at a bromeliad nursery the
orchid grower had some N. x Coccinea, some had the red spots which
he tried to tell me was a varigated leaf! But these plants did have
damage due to cold. Could anyone offer comments on these spots?
Thankyou, ~Mike St. Petersburg Fl

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