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Date: Wed Mar 31 1999 - 02:41:52 PST

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I am out of the office until Monday 12 April 1999. Please contact
Kate Dixon on 02 6274 2746 for matters requiring attention in this
time frame.

Regards Ross Rowe

>>> cp 03/31/99 20:40 >>>

You can manufacture quite a potent insecticide by steeping cigarette
butts in water. Note that this is illegal within the European
Union, where you are not allowed to 'manufacture' insecticides using
ingredients not intended for the purpose.

Being related to the nightshade family is no guarantee of safety
from pests. I have a small collection of Atropa belladonna (I'd
love to grow Atropa baetica if anyone knows of a legal source of
seed) including the type, the yellow-flowered form and their hybrid
- all are regularly attacked by aphids and slugs.

CITES does apply within the European Union. I don't know the
details but the UK's National Council for the Conservation of Plants
and Gardens has negotiated a blanket licence number for official
collection holders (hi Paul) that applies for intra-Europe

If you're worried about mosaic viruses, then be very afraid of GM
food. Viruses (eg cauliflower mosaic virus) are often used as
carriers to transplant the required genes. However, as well as
placing an incomplete gene or putting the gene in the wrong place,
it is common for lumps or even complete copies of the virus to be
incorporated as well. I'm afraid the US must bear a large amount of
responsibility for this as their lax GM laws allow the latter to be
commercially propagated and put into the food chain.

Regards, NigelH

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