Royal Reds and Akai Ryu's

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Date: Tue Mar 30 1999 - 02:32:47 PST

Date: Tue, 30 Mar 1999 11:32:47 +0100
From: Bill Tribe <>
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Subject: Royal Reds and Akai Ryu's

Hi Seosamh,

>I grow Akai Ryu and Royal Red in the same mix, side by side under the
>same conditions (in seperate pots). My Akai Ryu plants are very
>markedly larger and more robust than the Royal Reds, and their
>petioles have been consistantly much broader. The Royal Red petioles
>have been narrow regardless of season. I am quite surprized people
>are unable to tell them apart.

  With respect, I'm not, because my experience is the exact opposite of
yours. I find the Royal Reds to be slightly bigger, more robust (for
example they overwinter easily with no fear of fungal attack and come back
more quickly), and - for me this is the biggest difference - markedly more

  Probably the only conclusion we can safely draw from our differing
experience is that this is the perfect example of different environmental
conditions creating different results. (Also, a persuasive reason why, in
my view, everyone on the list should sign off, as you did, with their

  I have heard there was a lot of legal "dispute" about the PBR's on the
Royal Red; something like a claim that they covered any type of red form
VFT at all. What I don't know are the details (or whether this is even
true!) or even whether the Akai Ryu plant was registered before the Royal
Red. Can anyone tell us the full story (obviously without libelling anyone!).

Bill Tribe
Cambridge, UK.

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