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Date: Mon Mar 29 1999 - 07:58:33 PST

Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1999 16:58:33 +0100
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Subject: Comments

Hi everyone, Here are a few comments regarding previous postings;
John Evans was asking about suggestions on setting up a Nepenthes
Greenhouse. Well from my own experience..I set up a 10 X 8
greenhouse in 1997. It has a sectioned off area at the back where I
keep my highland Nepenthes..The humidity is provided by a home made
misting system using water from a water tank fed by a water pump to
about 6 mist nozzles. This also helps to reduce the temperature
during the summer months. In the winter I heat the greenhouse with
a 1.8 KW heater to about 50F. So far the Nepenthes are responding
very well, including a tiny N.Villosa ( that comments bound to kill

I have been growing a D. whittakeri for about 4 years now..During
the winter while it is growing I water it from above, and stand it
in full sun (if there is any!!). In the summer dormant period I
keep it under the staging, and do not allow the compost to dry out

Talking of Carnivorous plants in computer games..there is a snapping
CP in the "Zork Grand Inquisitor" You have to give it a sleeping
pill, wait until it starts snoring and them cut its head off !!

I have a number of Sarrencia Maxima plants purchased from Adrian
Slacks nursery in the early 80's..How should I correctly identify
them, if I want to sell their offshoots?

Good growing in '99 ..


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