Introduction and more

From: Francisco Villalonga Lochridge (
Date: Sat Mar 28 1998 - 20:21:24 PST

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From: Francisco Villalonga Lochridge <>
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Subject: Introduction and more

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     My name is Paco, I'm 25, finishing my studies and live in Castellon
(Spain), this seems english class doesn't it?. Now, that I have
introduced myself lets go to the point . I bought a N.xcoccinea 4 months
ago, it wasn't in good shape . Not happy-looking and all the pitchers
had dry tips . I have it in my parents house in the kitchen, temperature
is usually between 18 and 20C (at least now), I keep it moist and spray
it ocasionally . After buying
it the pitchers kept drying up to half, now this has stop . It looks
really healthy and is sprouting all over, some leaves seem to be
starting to pitcher (the tip is growing about 1mm a day) . I'm
fascinated with this plant and want to grow more, Neps and others,
indoors and outdoors . Here are some dates about my climate
(mediterranean, grades in C) avg. temp 18, august(avg max 30,4 min 19,1)
february (avg max 17.8 min 5.2) year-round (24.5-11.7) with an avg.
humidity of 70% The avg. difference between day and nigth is 7 C and
it's mostly sunny with rare minimuns barely under freezing point . These
numbers were taken 5km from the sea and I want to grow cp 100 meters
from the sea so humidity should be higher and temperatures milder . I
think I should be able to grow highland Neps outside if keep from low
temps, sun, wind and dry days . I have a lot of space on a S-SW
"window" (240cm high) were I want to grow CP and orchids . Sun will hit
hard from a 75 angle to the bottom of the window (I can improve that up
to a 45 angle) . I think I could put Neps on the top part so they get
just a couple of hours of direct sun . I also have plenty of space for
pot plants going from total shade to full sun (and that's a lot of sun
in summer) . I want to build a small bog of 1 meter square and I need
plants for it . I'm looking for a good source for CPs (no wild collected
please) . I can pay in US dollars in a US bank but I gess an european
source would be cheaper (lower postage and no CITES) I've already
searched the web . I'm looking for is beginners kits or similar . I want
8-10 different Neps (I forgot to mention that I will have a greenhouse
soon, hope this year), Cephalotus, vfc, some butterworts, a Byblis
gigantea would be nice and some Sundews (something like a cape, a
rosseted, a fork-leafed and a tuberous plus a D.Regia) and some
Sarracenias for the mini bog . Of course, if my budget lets me .
Please e-mail personally for comercial-related questions .
    Thanks a lot :
                 Paco Villalonga (


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