Frog Picture in Wall Street Journal

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Date: Sat Mar 27 1999 - 16:45:00 PST

Date: Sat, 27 Mar 1999 16:45:00 -0800
From: "Joseph Kinyon" <>
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Subject: Frog Picture in Wall Street Journal

> The world of carnivorous plants has come together with the Wall Street
> Journal. Look on page A5 in today's edition (Friday, March 26,
> 1999) to see
> a picture of a small frog climbing through the teeth of the trap on a VFT.
> This appears in an ad for a technology/information mamagement company. I
> have to confess I don't quite understand the connection.
> - Carl


The original photograph was technically excellent and had striking
compostion (as did all the photographs in the series, only this one includes
a carnivorous plant). It was a winner in the 'Communcation Arts Photography
Annual 39', a juried competition. An excellent 8.5x11 inch color
reproduction occurs in the show's catalog on page 130 of Volume 40, Number
4, August 1998. The journal costs $16.00 (U.S.). The photograph was by Mark
Laita ( Mark Laita Photography, 3815 Main St Culver City CA 310-836-1645). I
believe it was originally taken for self promotional reasons, and has ended
up as stock photography. As for the connection between CP's and infotech
companies, the ad got your attention and thats all the connection needed. :)

Joseph Kinyon

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