The Train to Boissey St-Leger + Trade within Europe

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Subject: The Train to Boissey St-Leger + Trade within Europe

          Dear All,
          many thanks to Gilles for his posting on the Lecoufle
          nursery. It brought back memories of almost 10 years ago
          when I spent Easter of 1989 in Paris. Having heard of
          Lecoufles nursery and realising it was not far from Paris, I
          too found myself on the train to Boissey St-Leger. Having
          arrived at their reception I was amazed by the plants
          although hardly any were CPs just a couple of large
          Nepenthes if my memory serves me right. There were huge
          stags horns ferns hanging from the ceiling which were over
          1m in diameter and loads of orchid.
          Speaking to the ladies in the establishment it soon became
          clear that they knew little about CPs but if I was prepared
          to wait a while they would find some one who could. Sure
          enough after about 15 minutes Marcel Lecoufle himself turned
          up - an elderly gentleman he must have been into his 80's!
          None the less he was very hospitable and took me through his
          greenhouses so I got to see plenty of CPs that was a real
          eye opener back in the late '80s - things like Heliamphora
          minor, huge Cephalotus and I will always remember row after
          row of juvenile Sarracenia. His book was also available
          (French version) and again for the time the photographs were
          great. All in all I had a very memorable trip back in '89 so
          thank you Gilles for jogging my memory.
          A few year later I understood that Marcels daughters were
          running the business and their main interest were the
          orchids. Without the involvement of Marcel himself the CP
          activities went into decline.
          Andrew Bate wrote:
>Can anyone enlighten me on any restrictions on posting CP's
>from the UK to Europe and the US? I am currently only
>sending CP's within the UK but would like to widen my range
>of sales but I am unsure on CITES regulations. If anyone
>could clarify the situation for me it would be greatly
          Even 10 years ago I was permitted to bring plants back from
          Lecoufles nursery as I was able to benefit from a concession
          made by the UK Ministry of Agriculture Food and Fisheries.
          Prior to '89 I believe you would have needed various paper
          work, phytosanitary certificates etc even to bring plants in
           to the UK from our nearest Continental neighbour. As part
          of the EU arrangements the Dutch and Belgium horticultural
          industry had complained to Europe that the UKs import
          controls on plants were harming their industry as British
          tourists were unable to take plants etc back with them.
          Under EU pressure a concession was introduced in '89 so as
          part of your passenger hand luggage you could bring back;
          2Kg bulbs/tubers, 5 plants or parts of plants, a small
          bouquet of cut flowers, 2kg of fruit and vegetables (but not
          potatoes), 5 retail packets of seed. Thus I was able to
          travel home on the Ferry clutching a box of 5 CPs from
          Lecoufles without fear from HM Customs.
          Fortunately with the Single European Market in 1992 many
          remaining restrictions on moving plants between EU member
          states were removed - so now all Europeans CPers (including
          those in the UK who don't yet consider themselves a part
          Europe) benefit - so posting many CPs is fine. Trade with
          the rest of the world is still however subject to many
          restrictions and controls.
          I am uncertain regarding CITES within Europe as my plant
          trading exploits have been mainly confined to my chief CP
          interests of Pinguicula and Utricularia - many of which have
          been sent all over the EU since 1992.I am not even certain
          if there is a EU harmonised policy of how internal European
          trade should be regulated by CITES - perhaps others could
          comment. Andrew I guess you could contact the DTI or MAFF if
          you wanted to confirm this with the UK authorities.

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