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Date: Wed Mar 24 1999 - 04:13:19 PST

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Subject: Re: Small neps

 If you're looking for Nepenthes that stay small, your N. bicalcarta isn't
one of them. This is a large plant when it gets going. A great terrarium
Nepenthes is N. ampullaria. Sorry, I can't offer info on N.argentii or N.
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> Hello,
> My N. bicalcarata being growing too well under the very humid spring
> here, I trying to look for small nep species that would gently stay
> terrarium-sized. I've got N. gracilis, but after 9 mths I do not know
> to put the cuttings anymore...
> I've checked my "favorites" sites on the net for small species, and was
> wondering if N. argentii was in cultivation yet.
> As well, does anybody grow N. adnata ?
> Thanks for your advice.
> Gilles in HK

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