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Date: Sat Mar 20 1999 - 09:33:10 PST

Date: Sat, 20 Mar 1999 17:33:10 -0000
From: "Tom'sRarePlants" <frittsmb@email.msn.com>
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Get the most from your Florescent lights .
Did you know you are not getting all the light to your plants ?
It's true some of the light is lost on the top, to fix this I used the
TWISTED VITA*LITE florescent lamp . And no I dont have stock in the
company . :~) I have seen my plants & seed grow faster !
Also put the date on the light bulbs and replace them ever 6 months and
keep 2 old ones incase of a burn out .
 If you have a AQUARIUM use Aluminum foil on the back and sides to get more
out of your light .

Take care
Tom frittsmb@msn.com

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