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Date: Fri Mar 19 1999 - 02:03:45 PST

Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 11:03:45 +0100
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On Thu, 18 Mar 1999 David Mellard <> wrote:

[amazon sells Lowrie III fast but steep]
> > They better do after doubling the recommended retail price of
> > AU$49.95 to US$59.95 -- at this price they should send a messenger
> > in a nice old coach and a buch of cheerleaders (to read the book
> > to you! :-)
> oops, I just got burned but can send the book back if there's truly
> a better Deal. Once again, how does one order the book at a cheaper
> price.

For Australian/Eurasian books always check the ACPS (Australian
Carnivorous Plants Society) site. They offer great prices for members
and even with a %25 surcharge for non-members you get a great deal.
But I advise anyone to take the opportunity to become an ACPS member
when ordering books there - the annual fee is only AU$20 (that's
some US$12.60) and you actually get it for much less as you save the
surcharge even when you apply and order the same day. They publish a
great quarterly bulletin which is well worth the dough.


- Lowrie III is sold at for US$59.95 plus shipping (min.
  US$3.95 inside the US)

- The recommended retail price for Lowrie3 is AU$49.95 (some US$31.50)

- Okay, amazon didn'd double it -- they only added some 90%

- ACPS sells at AU$37.50 (+25% for non-members), that's some US$23.60
  (US$29.50 for non-members).

- Australian shipping fees are quite moderate compared to European
  charge levels. Worst case is you are non-member and don't want to
  become one. You live in the States (well, that's not too bad after
  all :-). Amazon charges US$63.90 minimum (standard shipping) so
  ACPS would have to charge you US$34.40 for shipping (US$40.30 if
  you are an ACPS member) just to draw level with amazon -- sounds
  like cheerleaders to me, again :-)

ACPS homepage:
ACPS bookpage:

Kind regards, Stefan.

Dipl.-Inform. Stefan P. Wolf
mail : Zehlendorfer Str. 69, 24111 Kiel, GERMANY
phone: (+49 431) 5973173 * fax: (+49 431) 697568
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