Re: I live in Antioch and want to grow Nepenthes

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Date: Wed Mar 17 1999 - 22:11:45 PST

Date: Wed, 17 Mar 1999 22:11:45 -0800
From: "Joseph Kinyon" <>
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Subject: Re: I live in Antioch and want to grow Nepenthes


I've had some success creating portable greenhouses out of large clear
plastic storage bins. I can stack them against a southern wall in early
spring to get things started, or move them into a cooler area for dormancy.
You might find this within your budget, and more flexible than the
permenance of a cold frame. I keep my plants in the large storage totes
made by Contico or Akro Mills. You can buy them at Costco or Home Depot in
Antioch. The large clear storage containers made by Sterilite sold at
Target will work too, especially if you need to accomodate a tall plant, or
need more room to hang a robust nepenthes. I drill a few drainage holes and
ventilation holes in the side of each bin, about one inch up from the base.
I then fill the tote up to those holes with water. If it rains, I flip the
lids open. The humidity created in them is wonderful. Sarracenias and
droseras flourish. If you need to bring things indoors (say a cold snap is
coming for example) you just grab the handles take them indoors and put your
lights on top (two bins fit nicely under a 4 foot long shop light with grow
flourescents.) Ventilation and insects can be let in by propping the two
folding lids at an angle. Simple, cheap, nice for the microclimate extremes
of your area.

Joseph Kinyon
Marin Headlands

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