Re: Nepenthes Question

Date: Mon Mar 15 1999 - 09:17:25 PST

Date:          Mon, 15 Mar 1999 09:17:25 
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Subject:       Re: Nepenthes Question

Dear Rich & al.,

> > Why do nepenthes not live there? Have the seed not traveled
> >there for it to get started? Could it be successfully naturalized there?
> The plants and animal species of Asia (old world) and South America (new
> world) are frequently different and this is used as evidence that these
> areas separated very early in time (before the evolution of many modern
> species). I think it would be extremely difficult for Nepenthes seed to
> successfully cross the ocean unaided.

Yes, but cf. _Mitrastema_ (Rafflesiac.; E Asia + Mexico),
_Langsdorffia_ (Balanophorac. Madagascar + SE Asia + S America),
Tetrameristac. (SE Asia + Guayana Highland), _Drosera_ subgen.
Thelocalyx (SE Asia + Australia + S America), etc. These
(comparatively rare and rather exceptional) disjunct amphi-Pacific
distribution patterns are usually explained by long distance

Kind regards

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