Re: Ott Light

Date: Sun Mar 14 1999 - 17:33:16 PST

Date: Sun, 14 Mar 1999 20:33:16 EST
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Subject: Re: Ott Light

<< These
 bulbs come in a large display expounding the many spectacular benefits
 that Ott Light will provide to plants (not unlike SuperThrive:). >>


I've used several different types of full-spectrum fluorescent light; Vita-
Light, Gro-Lux, Agro-Grow, Verilux etc... My experience has been that they
only give a little better results than using ordinary cool-white tubes. The
one thing they have going for them is they bring out more colors in the plants
if you're displaying them in the middle of your home. Otherwise, the $0.99
cool-white tubes will work fine, unless you want to pay $9.00+ per tube for
full spectrum lights.

Make sure, however, that the tubes are 40 watt. The energy saver types are
not as bright.


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