Sarracenia flava complex

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Date: Sun Mar 14 1999 - 12:45:48 PST

Date: Mon, 15 Mar 1999 07:45:48 +1100
From: "David Bradley" <>
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Subject: Sarracenia flava complex

Dear all
        I am wondering if it is true that the Sarracenia flava f. 'red tube/green
lid' takes a growing season or two until it takes on its characteristic
markings, that is after one has repotted or disturbed the plant. I
currently have some seeds germinating of the following crosses:

S. flava cv 'Burgandy' X S. flava 'giant red tube', appalachicola &
S. flava 'purple tube', Milton X S. flava 'giant red tube', Appalachicola.

Will they take a few years until they attain their colour markings?
        Lastly does the cultural variety that Adrian Slack described as S. flava
cv 'Maxima' in his Insect Eating Plants & How to Grow them, really exist?
That is a clone that shows the blue gey tint at the pitcher & phyllode
bases & the stately pitchers? It certainly sounded great at the time of
        Thanks in advance, as well as thaks for the advice regarding my Thrip
troubles & the S. rubra status queries.

Yours sarracenely

Nathan J. Clemens
Bowral NSW Australia

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