Re: Nepenthes pitchering

Date: Wed Mar 10 1999 - 19:57:58 PST

Date: Wed, 10 Mar 1999 22:57:58 EST
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Subject: Re: Nepenthes pitchering

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 I have few Nepenthes plants.
 Some of them grow in the shade and produce pitchers. The other that gets
 every day 3-4 hours of direct sun does not have pitchers. Is my observation
 correct ?
 How come Nepenthes which is 1.5 meter doesn't have pitches on its higher
 parts. What can I do in order to help it develop pitchers?
 Sharoni >>

Dear Sharoni,

There are many factors that can determine pitchering (or the lack thereof).
One is humidity, which may be higher around the more shaded plant than the
plant in sun. Another may be the species you have, i.e.: Nepenthes ampullaria
almost never produced upper pitchers, they are all formed either at ground
level, or in clusters on old woody climbing stems, which I have not observed
that often in cultivated plants. In any case if the plant in shade is
producing pitchers and the plant in sun is not, move it over by the one in
shade and see if too will start to pitcher.


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