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Date: Mon Mar 08 1999 - 20:17:00 PST

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Subject: Philadelphia Flower Show

Well, I'm just back from the Philly Flower show, and while it wasn't a
great show, there were some CP surprises- for the first time ever, a CP
was used in an ornamental garden exhibit- and used well! A sarracenia
flava- one of the most beautiful I've ever seen- was sitting in a small
fish pond and was surrounded by azalias and other gardeny types of
plants. It was a focal point! I guess the introduction of flava into
florist collections has inspired some to the use of these plants in
regular gardens.

There was also the typical woodland NJ scene with tons of dying
sarracenia purpurea at another exhibit- sadly most of these were sending
up flower scapes at the time of their transplantation to the exhibit.
Purpurea doesn't weather such transplantings at normal times, but when
flowering? So much for horticulture!

The rest of the show, which is usually outstanding, was only okay- worth
going on a weeknight when it's cheaper to get in. ($16/person)

Now for some cool news:
My favorite part of any Flower Show is the sales room- Klimagro was
there with GREAT deals on their indoor greenhouses. I can vouch for the
fact that CP love these Greenhouses. Ask for Tom Davidson (and tell him
I sent you) if you go to the show.
There were plenty of CP for sale, too- VFTs were everywhere (some were
huge, too). I bought (at the Desertlands booth) six CPs- two nepenthes
(labeled as Nep. Madagascariensis) which had inch high pitchers- a new
mutt pinguicula- a new sundew I haven't been able to ID yet- looks like
capillaris but hairy- and two sarrs that are either rubra or minor-
their only two inches tall so it's hard to tell. At any rate, the CP
were two for $7!!! That cost me a mere $21 for all six!!! I think the
supplier was the same one Home Depot uses- they're all labeled as tissue
culture plants... and I think the woman said they came from Angel
Nurseries. This booth specializes in Cactus, but they're selling CP at
the show only.


Paul V. McCullough

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