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Date: Mon Mar 08 1999 - 06:13:32 PST

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Subject: RE: CPs in Southern Florida

>For April / May I am planing a trip to Southern Florida.
>I will go to Fort Lauderdale and from there to Key West, Naples and St.
>Petersburg. I would be very thankful for all hints concerning CPs in this

Hi Frank,

Outside of Naples I visited a native plant nursery that had Drosera growing
wild on the grounds. Jan (who bills herself as the Under Gardener because
Jean is the Head Gardener) showed me a small field and said that during the
rainy season, the field is covered in red. All the Drosera in the field
were dead (or had died back) because of dry weather, but Jan said they come
back during the rainy season. I found some live Drosera on the edge of a
small pond on the grounds, and Jan let me take a few. At the time I thought
it was Drosera capillaris, but they no longer look like capillaris. They're

If you wish to talk to them, they can be reached at if that doesn't work, try There web address
is .

Their address is 1112 Sanctuary Road. It's 15 miles East of I-75 on
Immokalee Road to Sanctuary Road.


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