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Date: Sun Mar 07 1999 - 02:56:47 PST

Date: Sun, 7 Mar 1999 05:56:47 EST
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Subject: Re: An introduction and help please!!!

Hi all
        I've been "listening in" for quite a while now and I think an
introduction is in order:
 I'm Paul Harwood ,I live in Nottingham in the U.K.,I've been on the
committee of the "Carnivorous plant Society" (British C.P.S.) for quite a few
years now.My post on the committee is information officer, this involves
helping our members with various
aspects of C.Ps.
I hold a varied library belonging to the C.P.S. which of course assists with
 Our society is seeking to actively build an alliance with other C.P.
Societies of the world in the name of C.P.Culture and most importantly
This feeling was reflected strongly at the Bonn meeting by other societies too
and by the friendship exhibited in this list it is obvious that such an
alliance is already taking place.
    We,as a society, were very happy to be able to assist Atlanta Botanical
by helping to fund their methods of "hands-on" conservation techniques to
threatened Sarracenia sites in the U.S.This is only to "pave the way"for
future help that we are intending to give to conservation projects.
 You know that feeling of helping to give something back can be so
 My personal favorite genus is Nepenthes and I've visited the island of
Sumatra in Indonesia twice on two very memerable and successful expeditions.

This list will prove to be better than any library for my work within the
a "gateway" to all that knowledge out there is nothing short of

If I May? I would like to put this into practice straight away....A member is
taking a holiday in the U.S.A. He will be staying around the Orlando and then
the Fort Myers/Naples areas in Florida.He wants to know if there are any nice
C.P. habitats
nearby these areas???...could anybody help??
          Signing off for now Best Wishes

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