Roridula - Ibicella/Proboscidea - Byblis gigantea

From: Jens Rotthauwe (
Date: Sat Mar 06 1999 - 06:58:44 PST

Date: Sat, 6 Mar 1999 15:58:44 +0100
From: "Jens Rotthauwe" <>
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Subject: Roridula - Ibicella/Proboscidea - Byblis gigantea

Hello list !

I have just lost a Roridula for the second time. Last winter it was a
R. dentata - this year it was R. gorgonias. It always happens the same
way: During mid-winter little brown spots appear on the leafs that
spread and finally the whole branchs wilts and dies.
I have tried different fungicides with no effect. The soil is a mix
of peat, sand and expanded hydroponics clay. Any ideas what I might be
doing wrong ?

I am still looking for fresh seeds of any kind of Ibicella and
Proboscidea. Does anybody have any for sale or trade or know where to
find them ??? I can offer Drosophyllum, VFT, Darlingtonia and some
Drosera and Sarr seeds for trade.

I am planning to sow some Byblis gigantea seeds in vitro (worked fine
for B. liniflora)
and looking for very fresh viable seeds for sale or trade.

Does anybody know if Byblis rorida seeds are available anywhere ?

Thanks a lot for your help !
Kind regards and happy cping
Jens Rotthauwe
Im Jagdfeld 61
53125 Bonn

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