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Date: Fri Mar 05 1999 - 14:01:36 PST

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> In a message dated 2/12/99 2:44:54 AM Eastern Standard Time,
> writes:
> > Hola, yo soy Martin y les escribo porque yo tambi'en cultivo plantas
> > carnivoras, lo que me gustaria seria conseguir nuevas especies, si
> > ustedes saben de alguien que venda plantas o semillas, me podrian
> > mandar la direccion, si quieren les puedo contar todo lo que se.
> > Estoy estudiando biologia, con especializacion en botanica, en la
> > universidad UHABI
> Huh? Engles please!

He says:

"Hi, I'm Martin and I'm writing to you because I also cultivate carnivous
plants. What I'd like is to acquire new species; if you know of people
who sell plants or seeds, could you send me the address, and if you want
I'll tell you anything I know. I'm studying biology with a specialization
in botany, in the University UHABI."

Unfortunately I don't have the original mail or I'd write him and send him
the address of the web pages. Maybe someone has already done so?


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