Re: seeds and cp societies

Date: Wed Mar 03 1999 - 19:12:44 PST

Date:          Wed, 3 Mar 1999 19:12:44 
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Subject:       Re: seeds and cp societies

Dear David,

> I have D.
> kaieteurensis in cultivation but am uncertain that the seeds were labeled
> correctly.

How did the seeds look like? If they were fusiform, you can be sure
it was *not* _D. kaieteurensis_. If your plants are still alive, they
will perhaps flower some nice day, and you can obtain an unambiguous
identification without having to rely on accurate collection data.

> I have a specific request to ICPS officers that this policy be
> instituted in the ICPS seed bank.

I would endorse this proposal (it does not cost me anything to do
so; well, perhaps Tom Johnson, our seed bank manager is now no
longer my friend...).

> A year or so ago, I received S. purpurea
> NC mountain form from the ICPS seed bank. When I asked the seed bank
> manager who donated the seed so I could confirm that the seeds were S.
> purpurea venosa v. montane, the manager could not do so because a record of
> who donated the seed was not available. This is a perfect example of why
> such records should be maintained.

Yes, but locality data would be nice as well.

> Hoping you'll say yes.


Tom can, however, only keep and communicate the data he receives from
the donators. If the sender's address was not evident from a
submission, he would quite certainly not discard the seeds.

Kind regards

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