Thanks to Gilles and Loyd, article for CP societies, and CP want list

From: Fernando Rivadavia Lopes (
Date: Tue Mar 02 1999 - 12:09:30 PST

Date: Tue, 02 Mar 1999 12:09:30 PST
From: "Fernando Rivadavia Lopes" <>
Message-Id: <aabcdefg637$foo@default>
Subject: Thanks to Gilles and Loyd, article for CP societies, and CP want list

Gilles, Loyd, and all,

         Thanks tons to Gilles, Loyd, and others who have written to me
privately, for the kind words. I'm glad people are enjoying the Neblina
account, a nice reward for the effort put into writing it all.

         Gilles, I'm also dying of envy of your proximity to places like
Kinabalu and hope I can one day visit this "sacred" Nep mountain too.
Maybe we can plan a future trip together, that is, once I get a job and
some money together....

         Loyd, I'll really be looking forward to your possible visit in
August/September. Be sure to leave some extra time for me to take you to
see some CPs, OK? And about U.humboldtii, one of the things that most
gives me pleasure when I'm out CP-hunting is to come across a very rare
or exotic species, and suddenly realize that it's all around me, growing
in vast numbers, like a true weed. I feel like I'm inside a huge bank's
vault, and I can roll around in the money, throw it up in the air, dive
into it, bathe in it -- although I don't do anything similar to the CPs
of course!! :):)

        As for Gille's wish to see G.uncinata and G.lobata, I've
practically finished writing arcticles on these and other species
(U.nelumbifolia, G.aurea) which I will soon send out to CPN and any
other societies interested in articles on Brazilian CPs for their
newsletters. A few had contacted me about this while I was in Japan, but
I just didn't have the time back then. So if any of you out there,
presidents, secretaries, etc., of CP societies are interested, please
contact me privately. Other articles include trip accounts, G.repens,
G.filiformis, U.geminiloba, U.nephrophylla, and more.

      Last of all, I wish to put out a WANT LIST for CPs. In return, I
am willing to offer rare seeds of S.American CPs, including stuff
collected on Mt.Neblina and southern Venezuela. Please contact me
privately ONLY if you can get me one of the following below. The plants
are for research only, I do not cultivate CPs any more. A second list
WANT LIST may be out soon.

                     WANT LIST

1.) If anyone has D.banksii or D.subtilis in cultivation, or access to
plants in teh wild, PLEASE contact me! I'm interested in herborized
specimens, but even a few leaves detached from a live plant and dried in
silica gel would be of great importance.

2.) 2 or 3 mature flowering specimens of D.linearis in a vial with
70%alcohol (30% water) and 2 herborized specimens.

3.) Same as above for D.esmeraldae, and any other rare Venezuelan
species (except D.roraimae, D.kaieteurensis, and D.arenicola

Best Wishes,

Fernando Rivadavia
Sao Paulo, Brazil


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