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Date: Mon Mar 01 1999 - 15:14:49 PST

Date: Mon, 1 Mar 1999 18:14:49 EST
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Subject: re: D. cistiflora reply

My D. cistiflora are in their third year of growth from seeds (germinated
12/96). They grew without dormancy for the first two years, reaching rosettes
perhaps 1/2 inch across before dying back. I let them go completely dry
(perhaps a mistake?). They were kept in a plastic bag to retain humidity,
however. They were dormant for perhaps four months when I began to water this
past fall. Soon after, a few plants began to grow, with the largest of them
sending up aerial stems for the first time this year. Of the three varieties
of seedlings I successfully germinated, two came back from dormancy ('pink 49
cm', 'red') .... designations are Eric Green's, the generous source of my

<< Mark,
 How long did it take for them to reach maturity? What have you done to grow
 them long term?
 Actually they are not mature plants yet. The D. cistifloras that I have are
 only small ground rosettes about an inch across, 8 months old. I keep them
 in a sandy 60/40 mix under lights in my basement, where ambient temperatures
 are cooler year-round. Right now they are starting to die down for their
 proper dormancy so I plan on keeping the medium just moist. From what I've
 read D. cistiflora needs around three months. Hopefully when they come back
 the fabled "aerial" growth will commence. For me this species is VERY slow
 growing, unlike its cousin the dreaded "capensis"!
 An interesting observation- a couple months back I transplanted a few of
 these. When I washed the soil away I discovered that the lower portion of
 the root was quite swollen. I presume that this acts as a sort of "tuber" to
 keep the plant going from year to year.

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