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Date: Wed Feb 24 1999 - 19:45:26 PST

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Subject: Re: Sarracenaia rubra subspecies' status

Here's a couple of thoughts on the Ancestral Rubra. I first heard the term
in 1993 when I visited Phil Sheridan in Viginia. At that time he told me of
Sarracenia rubra plants that were growing in Taylor co. in the western
central part of the state of Georgia USA. These plants were found in a few
counties in the area, Marion, peach, Taylor, Crawford (i think) and some
other one. Anyway. The plants look like rubras, have flowers like rubras,
the flowers smell like rubras, yet they grow disjunct from all other
populations of rubra. They sort of possess all the characteristics of rubra
rubra, rubra gulfensis and rubra gulfensis, with little resemblence tor
rubra alabamesis and rubra wherryii. To me they look mostly like gulfensis.
Anyway, the watersheds that they inhabit, drain to the gulfcost of florida,
right into the areas where rubra gulfensis now grow. So its been suggested
that these plants may have been the ancestral stock of what are now called
rubra gulfensis growing on the gulf coast. One of the particular colonies
of these plants are very pubescent.
I know Phil Sheridan has done alot of field work with these plants. so Phil,
if you're out there listening, maybe you can add your 3 cents worth.

Best Regards,

Carl Mazur

>Hello all
> My interest in the Sarracenia rubra subspecies complex has been growing
>oner the last few months, and I am wanting to know what the current status
>of the various subspecies would be at this moment in time? I am aware that
>Don Schnell is the expert and has undertaken a great deal of research on
>this group of plants, but has any recent findings or reshufling of the
>subspecies been made known?
> The S. rubra ssp that goes by the name 'ancestral form', does anyone know
>when this was named and exactly why? Furthermore, has the record been set
>straight with the beautiful S. rubra ssp. alabamensis? What I mean is, has
>it been given separate species status, or has the firm decision been toward
>the rubra ssp.? If anything has changed, where does the S. rubra ssp.
>wherryi fit into the scheme of things? I have seen it touted as the ssp.
>of S. rubra ssp. alabamensis in a few articles.
> Any insight into the S. rubra complex would be much appreciated.
>Nathan J. Clemens

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