Re: Sterile Drosera hybrids

Date: Mon Feb 22 1999 - 18:51:55 PST

Date:          Mon, 22 Feb 1999 18:51:55 
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Subject:       Re: Sterile Drosera hybrids

Dear Rich & al.,

> I gather their is some
> controversy here but I'm not sure if you are questioning:
> A. the sterility of the plant or
> B. the supposition that the plant is a hybrid with the above named
> parents.

I do not doubt any of the two possibilities above. I only doubt that
the plant is sterile *just* because it is a hybrid. I guess it may be
sterile due to aneuploidy (the parents perhaps having different
chromosome counts). BTW: Several members of Bryastrum that are usually
considered "pure" species are apparently sterile as well.

> If B, then is it safe to assume that sterility of hybrids is always a
> result of differing ploidy?

Not always. There are other reasons in many cases. In _D. anglica *
rotundifolia_ (the most studied and best known of all sterile
_Drosera_ hybrids), however, sterility is rather certainly the result
of aneuploidy and *not* merely a result of its hybrid nature.

Kind regards

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